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Re: Teacher/Students Etiquette
Posted by wlemery
9/25/2013  2:28:00 PM
So name the name. His name, the name of his studio and the city and State where the studio was located. Write letters to AM inc. and FADS, the two major chains.

You might try calling your State attorney general. If fraud can be proven, and it might, this guy could go to jail for a while.

Me, I've seen this happen on several other occasions. Twice I tried to warn the students; I failed miserably both times. Neither woman could possibly believe that Mister Hotstuff would ever do anything like grab the money and never pay them back. One woman lost her life savings.

Although I would never suggest that you, personally try this because of the legalities involved, I know of one case where the woman told her son about her loss. The son gathered a few friends together and went to pay the instructor a visit. Her money was returned to her.
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