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Re: my husband doesn't dance
Posted by ladydance
9/27/2013  3:04:00 PM
There might be a couple of reasons why your husband won't dance. First: He thinks dancing is only something you do to find a woman. Many men think this way. Once they are a part of a couple, they see no need to dance and don't want their partners dancing with anyone. Dancing = sex. Second: he is deathly afraid of something, either failure, looking stupid, or disappointing you. I would try to get him to a private lesson when the studio is very quiet. The fear keeps many men from dancing, once they try it and realize no one is watching they relax. At our studio, we have men take private lessons before they start the beginner group for non dancers because they are so sure they will be the only one who can't dance. Sounds like there is too much pressure on him at social occasions. I wouldn't try teaching him yourself, again too much pressure.
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