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Re: Int Rumba with Clave
Posted by terence2
10/1/2013  2:48:00 AM
Actually, WHY we break on 2 is very easy to trace.

When Pierre returned from his " trip " he evaluated what was being danced in Danzon and Bolero."We " were dancing, at that time period ,the square form of Rumba ( a very close resemblance to Danzon )... so.. it doesnt take much to extrapolate, opening the " box " to a Prep on "1" and break fwd on "2" .

Danzon using a " slow "..1 2; the decision, made by all evidence that ,he changed the Bolero ( on 3 ) to 2. The majority of basic foundation Intern. style Rumba, is essentially, a re-arranged of, if you will,of many of the standarised variations being danced in Bolero at that time ( as you probably already know ).

And, there are some Boleros written in a Son rhythm, and i wonder, if that , also had impact on the decision .

The pieces of the jigsaw are all there, just takes time, to put them in the correct sequence .

As to Clave, yes, its not as dominant in many " pop " type songs that, have been used for the Intern style Rumba, and you know what they say " No Clave.. not Latin " .Its the heart and soul of the genre . Just sayin....
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