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Overhead Lifts
Posted by BeadyeyeQ
10/13/2013  11:01:00 AM
I'm curious how much training it requires to perform the sort of lift where a male grips his partner by her hips or ribcage and presses her overhead with her legs extended parallel to the floor, or nearly so; and sometimes with her hands on his shoulders. She assists the move by coming toward him with a slow running leap. I don't know the official name, if there is one, but I believe I've seen it done before on SYTYCD or DWTS.

A story I'm writing has a scene in a middle school gym class where ballroom dancing is taught as an elective, and a non-dancer student who happens to be very strong is asked to fill in and help the girls with lifts like the above. The girls all weigh no more than 100 lbs, and the boy is easily capable of handling that much with a barbell press.

If he could also realistically lift a girl with just a few minutes of instruction, that would be great. However, I want the scene to be plausible, so if this sort of thing would never happen in real life, then I'll need to think of something else. Maybe the boy could just fill in as a spotter instead of doing the actual lifts with no experience. Or perhaps he could do a safer and less complicated lift.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.
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