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Re: Overhead Lifts
Posted by dancer
10/16/2013  2:05:00 PM
It's good that you ask. Sorry a head of time if anything sounds :( I'm just trying to be real. I think it's great that you are trying to research first and I hope this will be helpful. I use to do overhead lifts, spot and sometimes lift (not overhead).

In Ballroom there are no overhead lifts unless it is a Show dance.

The female almost always has gymnastics/acro training and or very high level Ballet or Jazz along with Professional Ballroom training. She has to be able to hold her body weight centred and toned in so that the male can hold her up.She needs to know how to fall and there needs to be a matt and a spotter till they get it really good.Highly skilled females are unlikely to just do an overhead lift at a gym floor with someone who they just met without professional supervision.

In reality a lift like this at a middle school gym is unlikely. A Ballroom Dance Instructor would not to teach this kind of a lift under those conditions. Some Insurance policies don't cover over head lifts or aerials and it's best for all participants to sign a waiver. This makes everything into a headache for the Instructor , School and possibly for the female being lifted if she falls.Ballroom dance should be a dance not a stunt.

Being a Spotter can be tricky and they need to know what to look for and have accurate timing.

Ballroom itself is complicated enough....that story goes on forever....

Good luck with your story.
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