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Re: Local place for shoes?
Posted by kjsspot
11/11/2013  5:08:00 PM
Sorry. I thought this was a forum for Oklahoma Dancers. NVM then. LOL I doubt I'll find anyone local here.
Re: Local place for shoes?
Posted by joriewelch
11/11/2013  7:59:00 PM
Showbiz dance
4427 NW 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Is the best local store in my opinion. I think they have other locations
but I like the selection at this store. My wife and I have made multiple purchases there.

Re: Local place for shoes?
Posted by kjsspot
11/11/2013  10:12:00 PM
Hey! Someone local! I actually already contacted her and she said I was out of luck because I need a wide shoe. :/ Sigh.
Re: Local place for shoes?
Posted by kjsspot
11/11/2013  10:13:00 PM
Oh! but I think I've solved the problem. For now I'm just going to order some suede stick on pads and convert a pair of pumps that fit well.
Re: Local place for shoes?
Posted by Ballroomchick
11/12/2013  9:20:00 AM
I heard your local dance shoe shop closed up with no notice.
Karizmah Dance Shoes and Boots was asked to do the shoe booth at the Rising Star Friendly Comp in Dallas back in June of this year. This store has been asked to do the shoe booth at the upcoming ballroom comp in 2014 in Oklahoma.

If you can not make it down to Dallas, Karizmah does a LOT of on line shipping .
Here is their web site:
Re: Local place for shoes?
Posted by joriewelch
11/14/2013  7:51:00 PM
After the store in Yukon closed, the Dance apparel store in Casady Square has added some of their lines. Norman is the owner. I found this out from one of my instructors. I was in his store when it first opened and he didn't have ballroom shoes yet.
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