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Re: Falling for my teacher
Posted by prodncr
12/5/2013  9:19:00 AM
I am a pro male and am curious about what happened after this. I have had students, young and old "fall for me" and yes, it made it much easier to teach lessons to them, also to have them take trips with me. Those ones tend to listen better and do as I ask, so they are more easy to teach, no stress since they hang on every word and want our approval, what teacher doesn't want this? This is how you ladies will know, many pro teachers restrict or limit what subjects and information we give to clients, even if we are speaking more casually/relaxed, and spend more time, its only to get to know you better so that we can give you a better experience for your money, flirting is natural, you will see us do it with all ages and shapes, its important to our business to make ladies feel good, but of course it is more fun if you are young and talented. If other clients know the same info (where we are from, how we got here, some foods, places of travel, taste in music, or perhaps even shops we like) its only what we opt to disclose. Most of us won't talk about our loved ones using names, our parents,won't disclose places we like to frequent, or even our neighborhood or talk about past relationships unless we are using it in an anecdote (ie. I once dated this girl... Blah blah, so now I'll never wear old spice again!!!) usually the rule is simple, you don't make your bed where you eat.
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