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Terminology -- Dance Style vs. Dance Rhythms ??
Posted by Bobromeo
12/6/2013  8:51:00 AM
As a ballroom dance chapter president, I am responsible to select DJ's or bands to play for our Ballroom dances -- I make all prospects aware of the music that is mandatory to play at our ballroom dances.
I use the term ballroom "dance rhythms" and typically identify the dances (waltz, foxtrot, rumba cha cha, ECS, WCS etc) that I want as primary and played more often than those I classify as secondary (samba, salsa, bachata, VWaltz, quickstep etc.)for the evening.
I was recently advised that the use of "rhythms" was not correct but that I should use the word 'dance styles' ---
Your thoughts and help
Bob Romeo
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