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Re: Terminology -- Dance Style vs. Dance Rhythms ?
Posted by nloftofan1
12/8/2013  7:58:00 AM
The following was written by a band leader who also dances:

Here are the rules that in spite of my best efforts MOST of our local
bands seem to use for dance gigs:

1. Tempo doesn't matter. The dancers will deal with all tempos somehow.

2. Since tempo doesn't matter, NEVER use a metronome to set time in a
dance tune. Using a crutch like that will just make you look bad.
ALWAYS set the tempo from the seat of your pants. Anything else will
damage your ego.

3. The drummer should always play dance tunes using the style of
drumming he's most comfortable with. For example a nice 4/4 swing beat
really works well with all "latin" numbers.

4. It works even better if you play in a jazz style with all tops and
no bass drum at all. Let the dancers listen to the hihat to get the

5. Remember that there are only two kinds of music: The stuff the band
always plays and "latin". Any "latin" tune will do. A couple of
generic "latin" numbers for the evening ought to keep the dancers
happy! Bossa Nova is always a good choice.

6. Always end the dance with some super fast rousing swing tune. That
will end the evening with a nice bang (and make sure you never get
hired for a boring dance gig again).

7. Even better find a cheap hall and start holding "dances" yourself.
Don't worry. Any cement floor covered with sticky "old people wax" will
do. Hell, the "premiere" "dance club" in our town regularly holds
"dances" out on their blacktop and don't even bother to sweep the
stones off. (the wood floors out there are for people to stand around
on with their drinks). The best thing about holding your own dance is
you can tell all the damn hoofers who $%&*@! about your music to piss

8. And Oh yeah, never forget: Tempo doesn't matter.
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