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Re: waltz
Posted by waynelee
12/16/2013  6:56:00 AM
Mr O.Z. - I believe "Beats per Minute" is a more common definition of music speed compared to "Bars per Minute". Bars per minute could be misleading in the case of many pieces of music, and this piece is an example. To me, this piece of music was written in 6/4 timing, which can fit Waltz perfectly since this is double the waltz timing (3/4 to 6/4). In the bars per minute world, one of your bars would equal 6 beats. What would you do with 6/8 timing?

I timed the music at 148 beasts per minute which means it would be a "slow" Viennese, good for practice and shows, but too slow for competition. I believe that the International Ballroom rules use 168 to 172bpm for Viennese and American Smooth uses the same.
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