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Re: Dance Studio Owner asking for $$$
Posted by ladydance
12/28/2013  7:00:00 AM
As everyone else suggested, leave that studio and instructor and go somewhere else. I might suggest that you stay away from AM and FA. They put a lot of pressure on their students to lay out great sums of money. Do not buy in advance unless there is some benfit to you. At my studio, for example, the only package we offer is buy 10 lessons, get one free. We only inform students of the option once and if they decline then they pay by the hour and it is not mentioned again. Paying by the hour actually brings in more money than the package, but many clients like to make one big purchase and forget it for awhile. We realize it is a large sum of money so we thank them by offering the extra lesson. Be up front when money becomes an issue. I encourage people to talk to me if they are uncomfortable. I guess it is easier talking to me, the manager, rather than the instructor or owner of the studio. Sometimes, we will find them a partner to split the cost of private lessons or steer them to groups if the cost of privates is too much. Competing in the pro-am division is ridiculously expensive and again I would suggest you be clear about what you can spend.
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