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Re: Video does not appear
Posted by Administrator
1/7/2014  9:50:00 AM
Our website defaults to Flash, which iOS devices can`t play. But you can change your preferences to Quicktime video for viewing on the iPhone and iPad. If one of them is viewing Quicktime and the other isn`t, you`ll have to update your user settings on the device that isn`t.

While on your iPad, go to your user account settings (My BDC > Custom Settings) and switch the "Video Settings" (3rd item from the top) from Flash to Quicktime. If it`s already on Quicktime, click the "save changes" button anyway, and that device will be updated to be Quicktime as well. If that doesn`t work, change it once to Flash, click save, then change it back and click save again.You can also use either device to view our mobile website instead. Just follow this link: http://mobile.ballroomdancers.com/.

The mobile site was tailor made for iPhone, and looks best on the smaller screen. But the iPad also works. With the iPad screen size being somewhere right in between phone and full computer size, it really just comes down to which experience you prefer. Try them both. One advantage to the mobile site is that it works more like an app, which is very iOS-friendly. You can save it to your home screen and run it just like an app. And it saves your login info for up to a year at a time, so you don`t have to constantly log in and out.FYI, we`re in the final stages of building our actual iPhone app. If you`re on our mailing list or following us on Facebook, we`ll post an announcement when it`s available. Should be just a week or two.

Jonathan Atkinson
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