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Re: Ads over the video screen
Posted by dononeal
1/14/2014  3:02:00 PM
Thank you Jonathan for your response. Unfortunately the command-shift-4 does work so can't get a screen shot.
I assume it is because the key board in a third party keyboard. The OS is 10.5.8 and the computer is a IMAC.

I'll give you a verbal. If I watch a video, the image of the dvd that is for sale ( on my PC it is shown below and to the right of the video). The remainder of the add stays where it should only the image of the dvd is placed in the viewing area of the video. Same size- about the size of a postage stamp.

A specific in the rumba where the image is the Dance Visions dvd. In other dances it is of other dvds on that page.

I will continue to try to get a screen shot.
Thanks Don O'Neal
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