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Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by karovd
1/29/2014  4:09:00 PM
I know a dance instructor who had hip replacement surgery. She was always easy to dance with but after surgery and recovery it was like dancing with a feather. I say go for it.
Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by Jan Nathan
2/3/2014  3:11:00 AM
I know a couple where the woman had both hips replaced with a one year interval. They compete in amateur WDSF international standard senior III (55-64) ballroom dancing and are still doing very well!
Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by lp2321vb
2/10/2014  6:38:00 AM
Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by dheun
2/17/2014  7:26:00 AM
A broken hip used to be a death sentence years ago, obviously so for the elderly. But with today's surgery techniques and these artificial hip joints that are available, the young and older folks I know who have had the surgery have been fine. Excellent, in fact. A couple of the men are playing basketball and dancing again, the woman played it cautiously and did not dance for quite some time, but is back at it without any ill effects. Ultimately, being pain free again is the major benefit, even if your dancing skills are affected in any manner.
Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by royclark
2/22/2014  2:40:00 PM
I'm a dance instructor and had a complete hip replacement Sep 2013. Besides replacing the hip they also extended my leg about 1"-1.5" because of the bone deterioration. Was off work and didn't dance for about 5 months. I followed all the recommended exercises and found my recovery was quick and painless. Back to work and teaching dance by late Jan 2014. Have been out social dancing a few times with great success and happiness that I'm dancing again. Go for the operation and do all the physiotherapist asks. You'll be back dancing very quickly.
Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by Anne
8/20/2016  8:21:00 AM
Question for you...did you have initial trouble getting your hip to relax and drop down for use with Latin motion...? If you stand on your operative leg, could you relax the non-surgical hip down relaxed with the operative bearing weight with knee locked?

I am having issues so I wanted to ask...thank-you...
Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by dance2win
4/12/2014  6:37:00 PM
You comments were very informative. Thanks. I have just been told I need a hip replacement and I dance competetively also. I am so afraid of not being able to dance as before. What are some limitations if any?
Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by waynelee
4/12/2014  9:51:00 PM
Limitations?? A lot depends on your recovery period.

Starting off, any movement where the toes are pointing out (rhythm dances) should be avoided, and any movement of the toes pointing to the side also. Needless to say, no "Cuban Motion" for a while. Not having your feet parallel to each other, and pointing straight ahead places stress on the hip joint. Also, avoid any "bouncing" on the feet, so Quick Step is a no-no. Take it easy, avoid sudden, sharp movements such as in tango, cha cha, etc.

As your recovery progresses, you can gradually become more agressive with your movements and after a while, you can do any movement you want. Listen to your body and don't try anything crazy until you are ready.

My time table for my hip replacement in 2013 was like this. After 6 weeks, I was back on the dance floor, but taking it easy. After 6 months, I was in my first competition after the surgery. Didn't do too well, but it felt great to be back. After 9 months, I was at my next competition and seemed to be at the same level as before my competition.

Now, 13 months after surgery, I am attending my next competition next week.
Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by Carol
11/5/2014  5:44:00 PM
Check out the website dancer hips.com. It has a LOT of useful info & some very encouraging stories.

I'm not a competitive ballroom dancer, but I was a very good salsa dancer---dancing several times/week. I have bone-on-bone hip arthritis & need surgery eventually. I'm not in much pain now, but I can't really enjoy dancing because of limited range of motion in my hip. However, I'm worried that after a hip replacement the quick turns & Cuban motion of salsa will still be off-limits & I still won't be able to enjoy dancing.

Are there any salsa dancers with good stories about dancing after hip replacement? Thanks
Re: dancing after hip replacement surgery.
Posted by
3/11/2017  2:29:00 PM
About 6 weeks after my right hip replacement I had absolutely no restrictions imposed on me. Any type of swiveling and/or turn was possible with the caveat that one must at all times use either powder or have slip surface shoes in order not to freeze a movement suddenly on the floor. As long as one slides thru a spin, turn or swivel there are no problems.
Pushing off the operated leg such as in side breaks or cucarachas requires being somewhat tentative at first also

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