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Re: Custom dressmaker - Latino
Posted by Ballroomchick
2/14/2014  9:40:00 AM

I feel for you! I ordered a smooth gown from Rainbow Shui. I asked IS THE MATERIAL color "EMERALD" GREEN LIKE GRASS? They told me yes. Who new China has Kentucky Blue Grass!?! The dress is TEAL. On top of that none of the teal colors match, the satin skirt, the body of the dress or the sheer sleeves. I did not have the dress stoned, I prefer to do my own stone work. The body of the dress is covered in glue marks.

They ended up telling me to pick a different dress and they would make it for me for free.

With the TEAL smooth gown I ended up getting sheer black stretch material to put over the torso of dress. This lets the sleeves blend in much better. I just have to sew on my appliques and get the dress stoned, but WHAT a mess!!

I have a dress maker that I take photos of the dresses I like to her along with the material and she can recreate them. I got caught up this time in the photo and the price listed. What came was NOT the same!
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