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Re: Custom dressmaker - Latino
Posted by ballroomchick
2/21/2014  9:23:00 AM

I do have a GREAT dress maker, shes from Russia and use to make competition dresses. Shes not cheep, BUT I'm not paying the price of the dresses sold at a comp. Depending upon the season - wedding time or Prom time her shop is spilling over with girls! LOL good for her!!

As I stated before I look on line for styles I like. Sometimes I find a skirt on 1 dress, sleeves from another dress and a top line from a 3rd dress. My lady can combined all my likes from these down loaded photos to one dress.

We have an industrial area where I live so I head out to the fabric district and search the spandex rooms to get my material. (A word of caution....pay attention to the weight of the material!!! I got so caught up in the color my 1st time out I didnt realize I had purchased swim suit grade. It worked in the costume, but didnt flow as nicely.) Also depending upon the cut of the dress, my dress maker will have me get a bra to sew into the dress. There are NO costume malfunctions when the dress is attached to YOU! Also if youre a bit heavy chested its really nice to have that bra support.

I do my own stone work. I really like The Rhine Stone Guy at of FL. They have been VERY helpful to me in the past. They are VERY honest about the grades of stones on the market and what they sell.
I would recommend you get one of their stone sample cards. The stones are on a clear plastic that can be put over the material so you can see what looks best. I had a card one time that was on a black background. It was REALLY hard to work with. Also when you need to repair a costume, replace missing stones, it's nice to be able to measure the stones so you know what size to order.

Hope this helps.
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