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Are there two major schools of International Rumba
Posted by Voco
3/28/2014  10:54:00 PM
Are there two major schools of International Rumba?

I recently discovered some of Allen Tornsbergs teaching videos. For example:

The more I study them, the more I like them. For example: The accent on 4 in Rumba, the moderate hip movement as opposed to the exaggerated movement many teachers prefer. I always thought that exaggerated hip-movement is OK for the lady but looks a bit strange on the man. Allen seems to confirm that.

Rumba Walk. Allen transfers the weight on the exact beats of 2, 3, 4 right away, while Slavic goes through a split-weight position on Rumba Walk (in his teaching video with Karina). It seems there are two schools.

All opinions would be highly appreciated.
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