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Re: Arthur Murray and being an Informed Consumer
Posted by mm76012
4/3/2014  9:50:00 AM
There was indeed initial pressure for package deals to events and shows. And there was pressure to set our goals and plans and sign up for more lessons. But I am a strong person and steered out of the pressure without too much issue, but was a little put off by the sales pitch. Especially when they brought in an outside person to review our dance and then she went into more of the sales pitch. All in all though it was not more than I myself could handle. I used to be a salesman and am OK with it. But I could see how a person who is not as adept or experienced as I am could be swayed. You are hailed as a hero, the next "it couple" when you sign up for these events. You want that approval. But man is it expensive... thousands of dollars for out of state events. But in the end, this is not why I am choosing to take my business elsewhere.... as I realize everyone tries to upsell. They are in it to make money. So that aspect really does not bother me that much. I just hope other people make informed consumer choices when they are pitched the upsell!
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