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At crossroads in dance career: help!!
Posted by uplovesdown
4/8/2014  2:31:00 AM
I have been competing in ballroom dance for the past 3 years with my partner who is also my boyfriend. We started with Latin, but started standard a year ago and about half a year ago we stopped Latin altogether. We have the most amazing coaches and great training opportunities in standard and there are practically no more Latin dancers left where we live, so everything is going for standard. The problem is, I love Latin to death and nothing makes me feel more alive than dancing Latin. Well, that's not it: my boyfriend is a natural at standard, and is traumatized from bad Latin coaches in the past. It's been very difficult and slow trying to get his confidence back up by doing some Latin for fun, and we don't have the same understanding coaches available for Latin as we do for standard. I've also got inflexible ankles and big knees, and these problems are really evident in Latin. On top of it all, we have very little money for dancing since we are both full-time students, and I know we are better off time/money-wise to focus on one style, especially since we are well within the adult age category. Should I let go of my dream to do 10-dance/Latin?? Or should I keep trying to find ways to do both? Has anyone been through this problem before? I would appreciate any advice!! Thank you.
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