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Trouble Hearing Music
Posted by Bob
4/14/2014  5:08:00 PM
I have no musical talent and have a hard time following the "time-keeping" beats when listening to ballroom dance music because some music is so high class and complex ( to me ) that I cannot find that special beat that seems to be buried among the other beats which may come from several other instruments.

Therefore, I am thinking that if I had a metronome to practice with, I would at least be able to dance in practice sessions with a partner.

In ten years of taking ballroom dance lessons, I have never heard any instructor even mention one word about metronomes.

What is your feeling about using a metronome for ballroom practice? And is there such a thing as waltz metronomes and cha cha metronomes ? and metronomes for the other dances?

What do you think?
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