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Re: Trouble Hearing Music
Posted by Waltz123
4/14/2014  5:12:00 PM
(continued from previous post)

The second and most prevalent issue is difficulty in identifying the strong beat. Here again there is no magic pill, but daily listening will get you there eventually. As with finding the basic pulse, finding the strong beat is a matter of starting with music thats easy, and slowly adding more difficult types of music over time. The easiest music you can find is songs you are familiar with, especially those you love to sing or hum along with in your everyday life (They dont need to be ballroom-related). Find notes or lyrics that help cue you to the location of the 1 beat, and count along as an exercise. Count to 4 or 8 (or 3 or 6 if its a Waltz). If you dont know what notes or lyrics are on the strong beat, enlist the help of a more musical friend to give you the information initially (e.g. The word Help! in the song of the same name by the Beatles is on the 1 beat), and then take it from there. Use those cues and keep at it until you cant forget it. Once you have 20 songs under your belt, you will begin to find the strong beat without the need for memorized cues.

Any (or even several) of the above situations could be your problem Its hard to know without spending time with you. But you might just have enough information here to self-diagnose, perhaps with the help of a friend (or better yet, a music teacher). Perhaps the most important point is, whatever the problem, your best course of action is to take dancing out of the equation, and focus on listening to the music without distraction. Simple actions like clapping, tapping and counting out loud will produce the best results. And remember nobody is hopeless. You just need a little time, a little persistence, and the right guidance. Good luck.

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