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Re: Trouble Hearing Music
Posted by Waltz123
4/21/2014  2:22:00 PM
The key to accelerating your progress in any skill is to isolate.

If hearing the music is difficult, then isolate it: Spend a certain amount of practice time sitting down and listening to music, with no dancing.

If finding beat 1 is difficult, spend your music listening time counting along in time with the music. Start with songs you know, and slowly build a repertoire.

If certain styles of music are more difficult for you than others, the formula is the same: Focus on those styles that you find difficult. If Rumba is a problem, then acquire 10 Rumbas. Start with the easiest ones, and work your way up in difficulty. You will start to identify which instruments are responsible for which patterns of rhythm, and what beats they tend to fall on. As you are learning, you will go through a phase of conscious identification. As long as you're still in that phase, keep your regular regimen of listening sessions, and keep adding songs, as well as reviewing the old ones. If you're patient and persistent, the conscious identification will slowly turn into subconscious reaction. Eventually, you will just "feel" the music.

Re: Trouble Hearing Music
Posted by Voco
4/23/2014  11:14:00 PM

Thanks for your comments.
Re: Trouble Hearing Music
Posted by Chun_Songie
4/16/2014  5:23:00 PM
I follow Don Baarns' youtube page "Music for Dancers" to help me with this issue. When I really started being able to hear the beat in latin music was after I listened to "La Vida es un Carnival" only God knows how many times (it must have been well over 100) over a 30 hour train ride.

When I first started dancing, I had no musical background at all, and I practiced all the moves to an on-line metronome. I think it helped because I was really struggling with rhythm in general, and it created some important mind-body neural connections. Now I use the "salsa beat machine" because you can isolate all the instruments and speed up and slow down the tempo, and you have the option of having the beat spoken out. If Salsa is what you like to dance, then I highly recommend this site.

Another very important is just to listen to the music that you like to dance to a lot. When I'm at the club and I'm sitting out a dance, I always have my phone with me. When a song that I don't own comes on, I use "sound hound" to find out the artist and title of the song, then I buy it and add it to a playlist that I listen to all day long everyday. It makes a huge difference.

Also, picking one song and listening to it carefully a couple hundred times to try to try and really know it inside and out is very helpful. I do this with songs I'm going to perform to, but even if you're not performing this really helps you to hear things in other music as well.
Re: Trouble Hearing Music
Posted by O.Z.
4/19/2014  5:52:00 PM
A few years ago from Japan there were a series of disks where the music was played as it should be. Then at the end one of the tunes was used where only the beats could be heard They were very good. I don't know if they are still available.
Re: Trouble Hearing Music
Posted by nloftofan1
4/21/2014  7:01:00 AM
Helmut Licht made a recording called "Rhythm Music." Ten dance styles, each starting with only the beat, eventually (each) adding a simple melody. It's as simple as it gets.
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