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Music out of dance move using motiontracking
Posted by Artur_Reimer
4/23/2014  6:07:00 AM
hi everybody
im artur reimer from berlin and i'm the chief dance officer at Nagual Sounds
we developed a technology that turns your dance moves into music by dancing in front of a 3d motion tracking camera (kinect)
we assigned instruments to different parts of the body and depending on the speed ans position of your body parts you creat music in real time.
we made some shows with dancers using our technology and it works great for them.
now we want to make the first product with this technology and it should be a software for dancers, dancestudios and everybody who like dancing, moving and music.
i wanted to ask you, cause you are dancers, if you are interested in such a product. could you imagine using this in performances or for training.
would be nice to get some feedback from you.
you can check some videos on our website nagualsounds.com

all the best

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