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Re: Are there two major schools of International R
Posted by Voco
4/23/2014  11:06:00 PM
Hi OK,

Thanks for your comments. I am surprised that there are not more readers participating in this discussion.

I fully understand what you and Slavik are saying about the transitional moving positions. However, I still maintain that there is a major difference of style between Saviks and Allens. Of course both are great dancers and teachers. It looks to me, and to some of the experts I discussed this theme, that Allen transfers his weight earlier (say on Rumba-walk), whereas Slaviks foot arrives on split weight on the beat and then transfer his weight on the following And-count with considerable body motion. In other words, Allens weight is pretty much close to 100% on the stepping foot on the beat, whereas Slavik is 50%-50% split weight at that point of time. Do you agree?

To me this represents two major schools. And the two styles look definitely different.

I am not saying that one is better than the other. I am saying that there are two major styles, and I dont hear much discussion about that in the dance world. Most teachers settle on one style or the other and that is what they teach, as if it were set in stone.

Allen makes a point to stop or nearly stop the body after 4 in order to accent 4 (on Rumba walk). While the other school says never stop the body, so the And 1 looks different, in that aspect also.
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