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Re: teaching beginners
Posted by ladydance
4/30/2014  3:46:00 PM
I'm in Canada and latin dances are pretty much what all adults want. At our parties we play two latin for every standard. Due to TV shows like Dancing With the Stars, people don't realize that there are basic steps in quickstep. They think it is all runs and scatter chasses. We don't have the tradition here of ballroom dancing that you do in Europe. So they are all afraid of the standard dances and of dance in general. When we do introduce waltz, most are disappointed because quickly realize how hard it is and how hard it is to look good. Social foxtrot is always well received. Beginners (here) have a real problem with the intimacy of dance. In part this is due to them wanting to have space to put their heads down so they can look at their feet. We have found the best way to cure them of that is to demonstrate what they look like when they dance with their heads down. They then realize how horrible it looks.
The men are terribly afraid of looking stupid so they can lose their temper and blame everything and everyone when they don't get it. I had one man try a new dance, not get it the first time, sit down and declare to his wife that he would wait for the next dance next week. They never came back. As I said, our sessions are six week long and half drop out at week three. All these problems might be a North American thing.
Anyways, good luck and have fun!
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