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Re: Are there two major schools of International R
Posted by Voco
4/28/2014  11:28:00 AM
Hi OK,
RE: Hip movement in International Rumba

The hip movement is pretty continuous and difficult to distinguish from the body movement. The main components are the Figure 8, the Pendulum and the Compression. Karina explains this pretty well in Rumba Innovation video under the chapter Body Movement:


at approx.. 53:00

(Of course they teach the continuous body movement school including 4 AND 1, as opposed to Allens style, as Allen stops the body on 1, as my original theme.) I think Slavik & Karina demonstrate it in cucaracha and in walks, but it applies to basic as well. (Except that the 2 is a check-step in basic and it is a little different in body.) I think Karina does a good job explaining the general concept of body movement.
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