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Re: teaching beginners
Posted by terence2
5/1/2014  12:07:00 AM

If its Standard, begin with Quickstep and follow up with Waltz .

Foxtrot and Tango are the 2 that need more attention and highly improbable to get results in 4 hrs.

Q.S. 1/4 turns with prog chasses
Nat and Rev. turns.. Foward lock

Waltz.. Closed changes.. Nat and Rev turns
IF they are very receptive, add natural Spin ( at a corner )

Latin.. Cha always goes down well and depending upon age, so does Jive, if not, then Rumba .

If I were going to teach a class that only wanted to get "around" the floor, I would use the american style dances ( square rumba for e.g. ), but, still include Q/Step .
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