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Re: Are there two major schools of International R
Posted by O.K.
5/1/2014  3:06:00 AM
Voco. Even among the elite they dont always agree. On you tube there is a lecture given by Salsberg assisted by Slavik. I dont like to see that said Slavik. I do said Salsberg. I was at a Seminar where Fletcher and Salsberg spoke about the turn out of the feet on a Rumba Walk. One believed the front foot should turn out. The other in his part of the Seminar said no. Both taught that the rear foot must turn out. And so it will go on. For those who compete The, at that time currant World Champion, in a lecture said. I dont care if you are a World Champion (he pointed to himself ) or a Bronze Medalist. When the pressure is on you will only dance about 75% of your best. On those very rare occasions you may get to a 100%. Make sure your 75% is better than your opponents 100%
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