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Re: teaching beginners
Posted by terence2
5/10/2014  4:24:00 AM

Hi Phil...pleased things went well for you.

I would suggest however, that, Cuban motion would be low down on priorities for beginners .

Developing partnerwork, like transitions, would be ( and is ) high on my list for beginners, no matter the dance being taught.

I recently had a student from Germany, danced salsa for 3yrs, and had got hung up on CM, and yet, had some balance problems plus Frame and Poise issues ( Never seems to be addressed in W/shops ! ? ) .Now, obviously, she needed the CM problem resolved long before the time danced, which begs the question..

WHEN is the right time ?..I always judge this on the abilities of the student(s), and probably discuss its relevance early on, with the caveat, give it time to develop .
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