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Re: teaching beginners
Posted by phil.samways
5/10/2014  4:56:00 AM
Terence.. I agree with what you've said. And also loftofan - you're so right about turning actions.
Partnering is very important i agree. I think we all realise this more and more as we improve. I will be covering that more in the coming weeks.
The cah-cha thing was interesting. They wanted to do cha-cha and they love it. The walking exercise hadn't been planned - it started during the coffee break when some students came back early and i was just giving them the exercise while waiting for the others. Then, of course, they all wanted to join in! But the cha-cha action is something i refer to when revising the progressive chasse. And the lock steps and chasse in slow waltz (some of them have already covered whisk and chasse) as in "here's that cha-cha-cha again" and it helps them feel on home ground.
One thing i've found really useful. The 40 bpm quickstep music for them to dance to. It gave them great confidence. The alma cogan song "20 tiny fingers" at 40bpm is great for beginners.
Please keep offering comments and suggestions. They're very helpful
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