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taking lessons from 2 teachers
Posted by marlajms
5/18/2014  8:58:00 PM
I have been taking dance lessons for 4 years now with a wonderful teacher, who has been a teacher for about 6 years. Recently, in our studio, a free lance instructor has come along who has been teaching for 22 years. The owner of the studio, who is also a personal friend of mine, highly recommended I start taking lessons from the more experienced teacher. I have taken several group lessons with him, and one private, and will start taking weekly privates with him at the end of the month. I think he is GREAT, and I'm excited to learn a lot from him. My dilemma is that these 2 men have wildly different approaches to their teaching, their dancing, and just everything about them. My background is very similar to the more experienced teacher, so we can connect on LOTS of different levels. But, my regular teacher and I have worked really hard to have a good relationship. I'm wondering if others of you have had this experience. How do you balance the 2? I have a lot of loyalty to my first teacher, and I don't want to stop taking lessons from him, I just am not sure how to navigate between the 2. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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