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Re: taking lessons from 2 teachers
Posted by nloftofan1
5/20/2014  1:33:00 PM
I can't tell you which instructor to choose (if you must choose). As you have already pointed out, several factors are involved.

But there is one lesson you can learn from having classes with more than one dance instructor. Suppose two instructors teach you to do the XYZ figure in Foxtrot (for example) differently. Which is right? Answer: Probably both. When you take dance lessons from a single instructor, you will learn to do things one way. But another equally qualified instructor may have some different ways to perform some of the same elements. And the second instructor's method is (probably) equally valid. While it is VERY important to learn proper technique, you have some freedom. One of the best instructors I had (I've had several) used to say that "Dance is a feeling."

Different people learn things differently. It's possible that a very highly qualified instructor may have trouble getting through to you, while another may speak your language better. This can make a big difference to you.
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