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Re: Help
Posted by waynelee
6/5/2014  9:42:00 PM
Cannot really help you with dancers in your age bracket. I had my second hip replacement a year ago, at the age of 67. It certainly was harder to recover than my first surgery 10 years ago. My suggestion is to do a lot of walking. I started the day I got home, walking some 50' and back. After 4 weeks, I was up to 1/4 mile, twice a day. I hit the dance floor at 6 weeks. Started slowly and tried to build up as quickly as my body would let me. At 6 months, I was dancing in my first competition after surgery. Didn't do too well, but I did try, but we changed our routines to eliminate sudden, twisting moves, that put a strain on my hip. At 9 months, I was in my second competition after surgery and did pretty good, not quite up to my standards before surgery, but really close, dancing to my complete routines. Later this year, I am planning on another competition. My legs feel really good.

Your dancing experience should help you recover quicker. It takes a while for your muscles to settle back after the surgery. Plus, you really have to watch what moves you do to avoid sudden twisting motions to your hip until you have recovered sufficiently.
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