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Father Daughter Waltz Songs
Posted by Father Daughter Help
6/12/2014  8:04:00 AM
Hello, my dad and I are trying to find a contemporary song that has appropriate words for our father daughter dance. It needs to be a little bit slower, so "I loved her first" is out - although beautiful. Even some Elton John or Billy Joel would be great! Thanks in advance!
Re: Father Daughter Waltz Songs
Posted by nloftofan1
6/13/2014  12:42:00 PM
Your subject line is "Father Daughter Waltz Songs" but in your post you only say you are looking for a contemporary song. Are you looking for Waltz music? A Waltz has a specific rhythm; you can't dance a Waltz to just any song. If it doesn't have to be a Waltz you will have more choices.
Re: Father Daughter Waltz Songs
Posted by waynelee
6/14/2014  10:12:00 AM
One of my favorites is "Cinderella" as performed by Steven Curtis Chapman. It is more of a Vienese Waltz, but it could be slowed down a little. Cinderella came out in 2007. Here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x-XyTUbkF4&feature=kp

Another one that's right up there is "I Loved Her First" by Heartland. I believe it came out in 2006. It's a waltz. Here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ab4VRWX8y1A

Good luck in picking that one perfect song.
Re: Father Daughter Waltz Songs
Posted by mcewenp
6/16/2014  3:32:00 AM
John McDermott's Daughter of Mine is Waltz. The lyrics can be found here ..

Re: Father Daughter Waltz Songs
Posted by O.K.
6/20/2014  8:44:00 PM
Learn the social Foxtrot, sometimes called rhythm dancing. If it were me I would choose the tune. Dance in The Old Fashion Way. Which is what you would be doing. If you are only interested in Waltz then Elton John's True Love. Or the Bing Crosby Grace Kelly original True Love from the film High Society is a good one.
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