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Re: Crossover Back Breaks
Posted by Waltz123
6/16/2014  10:04:00 AM
what is the difference between a crossover back break and a fifth position break?

Mostly, it's in the amounts of turn. Fifth position breaks turn 1/4 in each direction to end in promenade and counter-promenade position. The fact that the man and lady are not aligned on parallel tracks of movement means that the back step must be very small -- almost toe to heel -- hence the term "fifth position". Fifth Position Breaks are most typically taken in either closed hold or arm-to-arm.

Crossover Back Breaks turn 1/2 in each direction to end in left and right side-by-side position. Because man and lady move on parallel tracks, the back step in each direction can be taken in the normal fashion, a few inches apart (In ballet terms, that's "fourth position"). Crossover Back Breaks are most typically taken with a single hand hold, just like the normal Crossover Breaks Forward. It is possible to dance them arm to arm, but difficult, and more likely that you will dance a Fifth Position Break in that hold.

Jonathan Atkinson
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