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Re: Are there two major schools of International R
Posted by O.K.
6/20/2014  8:31:00 PM
Voco. I expect you often see the Cha Cha Chasse danced wrong especially in the social scene in which the three steps are wrongly given an equal value. As you know the correct timing is 1/2 . 1/2. 1. I still have the former I.S.T.D. Technique Book 1983 Edition.In it they don't even bother to state the timing, it just says 4 & 1. Back to the real world. If you do move the closing foot in faster to accent the whole beat your timing would more likely be 3/4 . 1/4 1. I suppose it then depends on the judges. They would be very quick if they could pick it. If you look good, why not do it that way.
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