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Re: Videos
Posted by Waltz123
6/30/2014  10:49:00 AM
Hi Chris323,

The two devices' inability to play the videos are unrelated. I'll start with the laptop:

Desktop and laptop computers (non-mobile devices) require a modern browser, Javascript, and either Flash or Quicktime installed. Most computers have this automatically, but if they don't, you can install everything. Since you say you were able to view the videos previously, chances are you do have everything you need already, but somewhere something needs to be tweaked.

If the laptop is a Mac computer, I would change the video viewing preference in your user account to Quicktime (see my reply to Skwoltz in the same thread). If it's a PC, I would make sure it's set to Flash video. (Either platform can technically use either setting, but your best bet is Flash with PC and Quicktime with Mac).

For browsers, most modern ones will work. Google Chrome is far and away the best one, causing the fewest problems. Safari and Firefox are also very good. Internet Explorer works most of the time, but of all the browsers, it is the one that has generated the most technical support requests over the years. If you are partial to Internet Explorer, but it happens to be causing problems, it can be fixed. But it's often more trouble than it's worth.

Regardless of which browser you're using, if you're having trouble with it, before you do anything else try clearing the cache. Browser cookies can occasionally become corrupt over time, and flushing them out and starting fresh is sometimes helpful to fix a problem. It might also help to restart the computer. Once you're back up, you will of course need to log back in to your user account.

On the tablet, I recommend using our mobile site, http://mobile.ballroomdancers.com/. This is a much better format for mobile devices. I don't recommend our full site for mobile devices, but if you prefer it, it is an option. For iPads, set your video settings to Quicktime as I mentioned in my other post. For Android devices, the full site options are more limited. I understand there is a Flash Player for Android devices, but it requires manual installation. More information here: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/installing-flash-player-android-devices.html.

Jonathan Atkinson
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