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My husband don't want to learn to dance
Posted by princessgege
7/11/2014  3:06:00 AM

I happened to bump into this site and saw some members share their views about how to get their husband to dance. I have been learning how to dance on my own for years. I tried to get my husband to learn ballroom dancing with me but without any success. I used to go out and dance with very good dancer and really enjoy myself and they make me feel like a star. But all these good dancers are looking for a girl friend and im married. So it wont last long. My husband did came to the club and dance with me for awhile cos I tried to encourage him to dance. The problem is he undo everything I learnt and he can't lead well. He wsnted me to go left and I go right. We ended up arguing and its frustrating instead of enjoyable. I told him that I think he should learn first before dancing in the public. I persuaded him to learn ballroom dancing so that he can lead and knows the different variations and steps. Also we can practise our dancing together and have fun together. He is extremely stubborn and refused to go and learn dancing.

im love my dancing very much and would like to have a steady partner.

Can anybody give me some ideas how I can encourage my husband to come and learn dancing with me.

cheers princessgege
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