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Re: My husband don't want to learn to dance
Posted by ballroomchick
7/11/2014  10:01:00 AM
You can not make someone do something they dont want to....for very long....or enjoy it. It IS embarrassing to make mistakes and it does tend to really shutdown the fun factor. If starting with an instructor by himself is a no go, you might have to give up on sharing this love with him. There are a lot of girls who go to dances solo and sit in groups. Usually there is a guy or two that is at the same table and dances with everyone. Luck is he to have his night full, dancing with a table full of ladies. Also in most all studio party situations is acceptable for the girl to ask a guy to dance. If you still want a dance partner there is a place on this site to advertise for one. Also Face Book has a group I believe called Dance Partners Wanted - or something similar.

Remember dancing just might NOT be your husbands thing. You all might have to agree this would be you alls night to have fun apart.
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