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Re: My husband don't want to learn to dance
Posted by O.K.
7/13/2014  10:22:00 PM
I came from a country where dancing was and still is where everybody accepted it as normal. You might just mention that in cave drawings thousands of years old, the carvings were obviously of people dancing. I think its safe to say that we first learnt to walk , then to run, then to move in unison with any natural sound which is to dance. Having said that not everybody wants to dance. I mean could you get interested in playing Darts or maybe playing Chess. Probably not. So there you are. But I`ve been around dancing for years . I would say it is extremely good exercise not only for both sides of the body but also for both sides of the brain. Remember this. Any type of dancing is." Moving to beautiful music. Creating shapes in space.
And joining in that wonderful world of make believe. One last thing. For the couple of hours spent dancing . All your daily troubles are forgotten. Its impossible to think of two things at the same time. If I am concentrating on the music and the steps, then everything else is put on hold.
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