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Re: My husband don't want to learn to dance
Posted by brentley
7/13/2014  10:33:00 PM
My wife started me dancing 3 years ago, it was very difficult for her to get me there but I wanted her to join me at golf and she agreed, if I went to five dance lessons.
She then made it a little challenge, could I learn enough in 5 lessons in order to dance at an upcoming ball.
Our first lesson was the Rumba Box and the Waltz, in 5 weeks I was hooked, especially as at the ball ladies asked me to dance with them.
So I suggest that you appeal to your husbands vanity, if he thinks he can dance now, how good could he be after 5 lessons, also never criticise each other at a dance, you are there for fun. Practise at home, and compliment him when he gets it right.
He will find that the first time he leads a lady into a dance pattern he will feel so pleased he will not be able to stop.

Good Luck

Still Learning
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