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Re: my husband doesn
Posted by egimug
7/22/2014  7:07:00 PM
This is continuation to my post:

Dancing is ask simple as walking in time of music at a preset sets of steps and directions. So, give it time. It is just like babies learning how to walk, it took they months to prepare for their first steps. They must crawl first to buildup their muscles, so is dancing. You are asked to step in different timing and directions where you are not used to do normally. Muscle memory will kick in.

Dancing is sooo... good for ones health. As we age, our mind is sharp, we are toned and well balanced so we will have much less chance of falling and break our bones, gathering with dancing friends is such a good social event that will take stress out and good for the hearts. Therefore, I do wish everyone to dance and make it fun.....don't argue, it will ruin your relationship and reverse your intension of trying to do something fun as a couple!

Lastly, if one instructor is not clicking with your learning style, do change instructors. Good dancer may not always be a good instructor for you and vice versa, a not so good dancer may be the Best instructor you can learn from.
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