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Re: Love this site!
Posted by Administrator
8/13/2014  10:58:00 PM
Oh, also, I forgot to mention:

A big part of the reason we waited this long to do more detailed technical charts (aside from the daunting amount of data entry), was some of the technical hurdles involved in the database design and display of the information. One of those hurdles was figuring out how to squeeze a table with so many extra columns into a fixed-width web page of average size.

The solution we ended up with was one where each table, when it ends up being wider than the page, has a button in the upper right-hand corner. When you click on that button, the table slides over, revealing the remainder of the information. It's roughly the same as having a window with a horizontal scroll bar, but perhaps just a bit more elegant.

In addition to that, we also added resizable columns, so you can move things around if they don't look quite right to you, or if you want to squeeze more columns into a single view.

There's also a printer icon, which will allow you to view the entire table on a printed page. Just be sure to switch your print orientation to landscape, to ensure that it all fits.

Thanks again for the positive feedback!

Jonathan Atkinson
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