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Re: Follows to Natural Pivots
Posted by Telemark
8/15/2014  5:59:00 AM
It was odd to see this topic pop up again. But by one of those strange coincidences, I was thinking, again, about Natural Pivots, just the other day.

I found a YouTube clip of an amalgamation of Overturned Natural Spin Turn (as though to be followed by a Turning Lock to R), but followed by 'Syncopated Natural Pivots' timed 1&23 and then the Turning Lock. It's a relatively easy amalgamation, and well worth using, but the pedant in me baulked: surely we don't have a Spin Turn, here, because man must pivot again on step 6, so that he can follow RF fwd (rather than RF back) into a pivoting action. We actually have 1-5 of a Natural Spin Turn, followed by Pivots timed 31&, 5-6 of Natural Spin Turn (23) and a Turning Lock (1&23).

Or could anyone describe it better?
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