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What`s in a name?
Posted by hstumpf
4/22/2001  3:09:00 PM
I'm not interested in arguing whether or not this style of dancing is a sport or not. How we categorize it doesn't change what it is one way or the other. It is both art and athletic endeavor, always has been, and always will be.

What concerns me is the changing of its name from ballroom dancing to dancesport. It is dancing on a ballroom floor. When people go to a ball, they dance this style of dancing. Those who consider it an art form and not a sport certainly can't like the name.

And how would, for example, basketball players like having their sport renamed bigballsport -- Or synchronized swimmers and syncsport -- or caber tossers and logsport -- or biathalon athletes and bisport -- it must seem idiotic to athletes in these sports, and many other sports, too.

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