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re: New Web Site
Posted by SteveBooth
1/9/2001  11:21:00 PM

Thanks for visiting www.dspictures.com. I'm glad that you found the pictures 'really great'. Please understand that we are, through the images, representing the pro- fessional dancers themselves. They receive a royalty for the sale of each moderatly-priced picture.

Were we to put a large image up for free, we would, in effect, be cheating the dancers themselves out of the just recompense for the image that they have spent literally thousands of hours developing, and that just wouldn't be right.

I think that you'll find in general, on the Internet (and in life) that you get what you pay for. May personal experience is that in general, things that are free, are worth what you pay for them.

Hopefully you'll still be willing both to recommend dspictures to others, and to support both the dancers represented, and Ballroom Dancing as a whole, by purchasing a picture at some point in the future. It will allow us to continue to capture the images, and will allow the dancers to thrive.

Steve Booth www.dspictures.com

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