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Re: "Diagonal to centre"?
Posted by socialdancer
4/17/2017  6:58:00 AM
I also have a science/engineering background so I may be biased, but I believe it is important to teach beginners the correct alignment of figures. It is part of the basic groundwork they need to be able to properly progress around the floor without impeding other dancers. Being pedantic, alignment refers to where you are facing and direction refers to where you are moving which is not always the same thing.

I spend quite a bit of time with my beginners working on alignments in the hope that a steady drip, drip, drip will evenually make its way into their memories. I always make the point that Centre does NOT mean the centre of the room, especially approaching a corner. It takes a while before they grasp the concept that, at a corner, DC is the same as DW on new LOD, but once they get it, it sticks. I also get them to consider the alignments as they apply to a non rectangular room as we have a few odd shaped village halls around here.

I can see that a teacher may suggest a pupil takes a step towards a corner, but only when close to the corner, not from halfway along the hall.

My real bugbear is when pupils come from other teachers who a) don't tell them the names of the figures, and b) teach them to "turn to face the piano"! I must stress that the local pukka dances schools do not teach their potential medallists/competitors that way.
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