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re: Fear, Intimidation, and the General Presence of Impending Doom
Posted by BDC Webmaster
8/9/1999  6:10:00 AM

As with just about any other skill, trade, or subject, the learning of dancing should be approached step-by-step. Don't set your sights so far down the road... keep your focus on what's directly in front of you... and the learning of this or any other skill will not seem so intimidating.

In more concrete terms: Don't worry about all of the dance steps that there are to learn in the world. Pick one or two dances, and learn just the first 3 steps in these dances only. That's just enough to get you moving around the floor. Ignore the rest of the steps and dances for now (Just because they're here, doesn't mean you have to use them).

Jonathan Atkinson, Webmaster

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