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re: is Ballroom Dancing a sport
Posted by phil.samways
10/31/2003  2:55:00 AM
The problem with this question is that you have to define the word 'sport'.
We accept ballet is an art form, not a sport, and competitve ballroom dancing is a very close cousin.
Of course, there are elements common with sport - the mental and physical challenge and all that goes with those things, but the over-riding criterion for success in dancing is that you LOOK good. There are no objective criteria.
Some other sports are the same - diving, gymnastics and ice dancing come to mind.
But for me (and i accept that this is purely a personal position) real sports involve fastest, longest, highest.
Michael Johnson would be eliminated in the 1st round of the 400 metres if the criteria used for dancing were applied as he has the 'wrong' style of running. And who cares if the javeline gold medallist isn't smiling?
Dancing is primarily an art form performed for the pleasure of the competitors and spectators
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