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re: Grapevine in Foxtrot
Posted by Jonathan Atkinson
8/9/1999  4:03:00 AM
A basic Grapevine consists of four steps: Forward, side, back, and side. The steps all move in one general direction, either along a straight line or around the path of a circle.

You can try some grapevines on your own by dancing the following combination:

(1) Commence facing diagonal center, and step forward with the left foot. (2) Turn about 1/8 left to face center and step side on right foot. (3) Turn another 1/8 left and step back on left foot toward diagonal wall. (4) Turn 1/8 right to face center again, and step side on right foot. (5) Turn another 1/8 right to face diagonal center, and repeat.

The same combination can be danced starting with the right foot, facing diagonal wall.

Hint: Limit the rotation to just the feet and lower body. The upper body should rotate very little, facing roughly toward center throughout the four steps.

When danced with a partner, steps 1 and 3 (the forward and backward steps) are usually taken outside partner.

I hope this helps.
Jonathan Atkinson

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